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Top 10 Most Momentous Protests Ever

We certainly dislike the people running and walking on the streets. This not only disturbs the overall environment but also causes various problems. Sometimes the people are forced by the government to take such steps because they are not being given their complete rights. Protests have had taken place in almost all the countries. Find out top 10 most momentous protests ever.

Most Momentous Protests Ever

10. The French Revolution

This protest of France ended in revolution. It took place in 18th century when the French peasants raised their voices against Queen Marie Antoinette, who was strict in her rules. The rebels had stormed the Bastille prison, and finally Marie Antoinette had to suffer a bad fate as a governor.

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The French Revolution

9. Thích Quảng Đức’s Self-Immolation

It is one of the most momentous protests ever. It took place in the 1960s which proved to be tough time. Thích Quảng Đức was a Buddhist monk. He fired himself against the way his people were being treated by the South Vietnamese Catholics. Government had taken the lives of nine innocent people. The press captured the moments with camera outside the Cambodian Embassy in June, 1963 when Thích Quảng Đức was burning himself.

Thích Quảng Đức’s Self-Immolation

8. Tiananmen Square

It is another shocking protest against the government. The government of China proved to be brutal with the peaceful protestors and what an amazing thing that they never apologized for this. A group of students gathered in Tiananmen Square in June, 1989. They started raising their voices. Unfortunately, many of them were killed by police officers and official persons.

Tiananmen Square

7. Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street is an incident of September, 2011. It was purposed to call for politics to be free from corruption. About 200 people set up camp in Zuccotti Park, Manhattan and didn’t quit till they were evicted on November 15. As a result, a protest, consisting of around 15,000 people, took place bearing the slogan “we are the 99%”. The movement was criticized as it had no clear aims.

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Occupy Wall Street

6. Iraq War Protests

About eight years before occupy, a huge protest took place in almost 600 cities around the world because of the impending Iraq War. In February, 2003, more than two million peopled had marched in Rome, and raised their voices against wars. Another million had marched in London, and 1.5 million in Madrid, followed by many others. The aim was to not commit crimes and the people didn’t want the wars to take place.

Iraq War Protests

5. Vietnam War Protests

The Iraq War Protests were the result of an old protest that had taken place against the war in Vietnam. The protestors said that the young Americans are being forced to be a part of the war and they are losing their lives. The protest was started in 1964, the folk singer Joan Baez leaded 600 people, followed by the students who organized rallies on campuses. The protest was even participated by musicians like John Lennon.

Vietnam War Protests

4. The Miners’ Strike

It is one of the most momentous protests ever. It took place in the 1980s in Britain. Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was serious to take actions for shaking the country out of recession. She initiated her plans by closing coal mines. Miners had to face poverty. They had called strikes and protest against the closures. They held this from March 1984 to March 1985, but this ended up with no results. The strike became serious when the police injured 51 miners at Rotherham in June 1984.

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The Miners’ Strike

3. Salt Satyagraha

The British Raj has long seen many protests due to its violence. Non-violent protester Mahatma Gandhi chose salt. The British in India stopped Indians to collect salt, and were forced to buy from the Britain at high prices. Gandhi protested by marching 240 miles to the coast and wanted to produce his own salt. This proved to be a breakthrough for independence.

Salt Satyagraha

2. Stonewall Protests

The Stonewall Protests involved gay liberation who had run a movement in 1969, in New York City. The police raided a gay bar called the Stonewall Inn, and seized their illegal alcohol, beating the patrons for no reason. This led the violence to take place. The police had to retreat. The gay community raised its voices, and fought for their rights.

Stonewall Protests

1. The March on Washington

It is one of the most momentous protests ever. Here a minority group fought for its rights in America, and it was the Black community. They had to struggle for about six years before the Stonewall Riots. About 300,000 people gathered in Washington on August 27, 1963. The next day, King delivered the famous “I have a dream” speech and the following year the Civil Rights Act was passed.

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The March on Washington

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