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Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Moms in 2014

Job hunting, no doubt, is a tedious process. Part-time job seekers explore multiple websites and mostly come across repeated ads. If you’re a mom then it will be really tough for to manage spare time for fulltime work; so you should try to find and apply for part-time positions.

Here are the top 10 part-time jobs for moms in 2014.

10. Life Coach

As a life coach, you’ll help clients attain their personal and professional goals through active listening, and clear communication. The best thing about this job is that you’ve the freedom to choose your working hours from 20-50 per week. Submit resume at companies’ database or start your own small business at home. Although life coaching isn’t regulated; however a graduate degree is mandatory to qualify for this position. Initial training is provided to the chosen candidates by an International Coaching Federation. The salary of a part-time life coach is around USD34,550 per year.

Part-Time Jobs for Moms

9. Day Care Center Operator

A day care center is where the parents leave their children in a secure and educational environment. These are the best places for moms to work. You should have background checks to maximize your chances of getting hired. Usually a graduate degree with or without experience will be sufficient to become a day care center operator. The salary of this part-time job is around USD21,550 per year.

Part-Time Jobs for Moms

8. Market Research Analyst

If you hold a marketing degree, apply for market research analyst positions at multiple companies. Strong communication skills with attractive personality are essential qualities of a marketer. A market research analyst gets paid approximately USD45,520 per year working part-time.

Part-Time Jobs for Moms

7. Photographer

When it comes to capture the beauty of weddings, nature, birthdays or anything in our surrounding, women prove themselves to be better photographers. Positions remain available for professional photographers at fashion houses, wedding halls and other places throughout the year. As a part-time photographer, you can earn around USD34,140 per year.

Part-Time Jobs for Moms

6. Web Developer

Make cash at home with your web development skills. You can either consider applying for web development positions t marketplaces or submit resume to a company. This is one of the best home-based works for students and mothers that offer flexible working hours weekly. From this part-time job, you can earn around USD42,118 per year.

Part-Time Jobs for Moms

5. Technical Writer

Making people understand science, technology and entertainment is the job of technical writers. If you’ve grip over English and can spread your voice in an interesting way, the doors of multinational companies are open for you. Regularity is the key to success for technical writers. You can earn around USD10-USD30 per hour.

Part-Time Jobs for Moms

4. Online Teaching

Teach online at an institution of your desire to make extra cash. Holding a post-graduate degree with 2-3 years teaching experience is compulsory for the applicants. You can earn around USD30-USD50 per hour by teaching the students through Skype.

Part-Time Jobs for Moms

3. Social Media Expert

Moms know how to connect with the world; with this skill you can make a handsome livelihood. Search for companies that hire social media experts and submit your resume. Becoming an expert in this growing field requires you to hold a professional degree while staying on top of industry trends. Earn something from USD10 to USD70 per hour from this job.

Part-Time Jobs for Moms

2. Financial Planner

It’s not so easy to work with other people’s money; women can perfectly perform this duty. As a financial planner, you’ll prepare financial plans and manage accounts for the employer. Financial planners get paid around USD62,282 per year.

Part-Time Jobs for Moms

1. Graphic Designer

Before you consider yourself eligible to be a graphic designer, make sure you hold an associate’s degree in graphic design with sufficient technical and creative skills. Some of the graphic designing positions are suitable for experienced graduates, while others accept applications from inexperienced individuals. This job is great for students and moms to earn extra bucks at home. Graphic designers receive around USD41,240 per year.

Part-Time Jobs for Moms

As most moms can attest as fulltime workers, the above jobs are great. What do you think?