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Top 10 Things You should Stop Buying & Start Making

It is true that most of the products we use aren’t organic or natural, but are artificially made. These, thus, contain toxic chemicals and harmful substances. These products are not only harmful for our health, but also the way they are manufactured with is harmful for our environment. Here are the top 10 things you should stop buying & start making.

10. Ketchup and Mayonnaise

Stop Buying & Start Making

Give the ketchup and mayonnaise a try at home. It won’t be too difficult to prepare homemade ketchup and homemade mayonnaise. You just need to look for the recipe of these homemade products in cookbooks and start manufacturing. This will certainly be nutritious and chemical-free.

9. Peanut Butter

Stop Buying & Start Making

Are you habitual of using peanut butter? If so then you can prepare it at home. You can either prepare it at home or can replace your peanut butter diets with pure butter eatables. The process of making peanut butter is very easy, just mix and bake butter, milk, sugar and peanut for your whole family.

8. Loaf of Bread

Stop Buying & Start Making

The simple loaf of breads can be prepared at home. The best option is to watch a television show in which bread-making recipe is told. Stop buying it from the market because that isn’t health-friendly at all. Homemade bread contains no preservatives.

7. Homemade Chocolate

Stop Buying & Start Making

Replace the branded chocolates with the homemade chocolate pudding or cake. These eatables are health-friendly, and great for your children during the weekends. Buying it from the market isn’t cost-friendly and can also damage your health.

6. Yogurt

Stop Buying & Start Making

Replace the curd with homemade yogurt. Curd is something you buy from the market by paying huge amounts. On the other hand, yogurt is what your mom prepares at home. Both taste alike, but homemade yogurt has much more nutrients than the curd.

5.  Spices

Stop Buying & Start Making

Do you know the spices you buy from the markets contain soil and other such materials in small quantities? If no, then let me tell you that you should consider buying those products. Try your best to make spices at home, such as you can prepare red pepper by crushing red chilies in a mixer at home. Similarly, other basic spices are better to be prepared from home to avoid the fake flavors of what you buy from the market.

4. Salad Dressing

Stop Buying & Start Making

Salad dressing is a simple-to-follow recipe. It is great to provide you sufficient energy and keeps you active for many hours. Don’t consider buying salad dressing from the market, instead prepare it at home—which will contain no preservatives or harmful ingredients.

3. Maple Syrup

Stop Buying & Start Making

Maple syrup, prepared at home, is a classic sauce which is both health-friendly and budget-friendly. If, on the other hand, you go to the market to buy it, the price will be extremely high. So you are better to invest at home and rely upon homemade maple syrup.

2. Honey Shampoo

Stop Buying & Start Making

Honey shampoo is a better alternate of any other shampoo you buy from the market. It helps you reducing the frizz, dandruff and roughness of your hairs. It softens the hairs and provides them full strength, containing no harmful chemicals.

1. Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner

Stop Buying & Start Making

You can prepare coconut oil deep conditioner at home with coconut oil, yogurt and other natural ingredients. Preparing it at home is very effective, as it strengthens your hairs and retains their natural glow.

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