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Top 10 Tips to Survive Summer Heat

With the arrival of summer, we all become conscious about how to survive summer heat. Different people adopt different measures to save and protect themselves from the life-killing sunrays and to get rid of the sweat which wander onto their body parts all the time. In addition to air condition your homes; there are various interesting ideas to go with to survive summer heat. So let’s check out the top 10 tips to survive summer heat to know what those ideas are.

Tips to Survive Summer Heat
Tips to Survive Summer Heat

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10. Avoid Oily and Fatty Foods:

Survive Summer Heat

The excessive use of oily and fatty foods cannot benefit you in summer. Make sure you say a permanent good bye to junk eatables and other fatty foods which we all love to eat in winter, as summer is not the right time to have such foods.

9. Wear Loose Clothes:

Survive Summer Heat

Once you start feeling irritated in those tight and fancy outfits, give a hand to loose clothes. Such clothes can be worn during the hours you are at home so that your body and mind remain relaxed and don’t get irritated due to heat.

8. Drink Juices and Water:

Survive Summer Heat

Keep your body hydrated with water and juices especially orange juice and cold mango juice. Make sure you use liquids in excess so that your body remains fresh and active in summer days.

7. Say No to Heat Appliances:

Survive Summer Heat

The heat appliances like heater or air-conditioner fans will surely make you feel heated during summer hours. So the best option is to keep such appliances away from your rooms and living areas.

6. Avoid Alcohols and Beverages:

Survive Summer Heat

Intake of alcohols, wines and beverages in summer can heat up your internal body organs, so if you want to stay cool then avoid using such drinks. But yes you can give them a hand rarely when needed.

5. Avoid taking Tension and Stress:

Survive Summer Heat

Tension, stress and extreme workload are the total winter activities which one cannot stick up with during summers. Summer is the time when you have to keep your mind tension and stress free so that you remain healthy and can focus on other important things.

4. Antioxidants Intake:

Survive Summer Heat

They say green and plain tea are not good to have in summer but it is actually not so. In fact green tea provides your body with excessive antioxidants which are essential for keeping the blood circulation maintained.

3. Prefer Lesser Cooking:

Survive Summer Heat

Cook less and eat more in summer. How? So simple avoid cooking heavy and fatty meals and give preference to fruits, fresh juices and of course eating the vegetables in raw form. In another case, you can prepare salad at home to get amazed with in summer days.

2. No Caffeine and Smoking Please:

Survive Summer Heat

Caffeine, drugs and smoking can warm your body organs and even can burn many of them during summer days. Isn’t it enough that you are already facing the hot sunrays and trying to survive? Yes definitely it is so I don’t think there is any benefit to use caffeine and smoking like things which can damage your stomach.

1. Take a Cold Shower:

Survive Summer Heat

There is absolutely no alternate of cold shower in summer. Make sure you take a cold and refreshing shower twice a day during summer season so that both your body and mind remain fresh and you remain active all the time.

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