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Top 5 Best Garden Hoses

Among outdoor equipment, a garden hose happens to be quite necessary, especially for those who acres of law or a simple patio garden. A garden hose can prove to be useful in a myriad of ways, whether you want to wash your vehicle, water the plants, or rinse off any backyard toys. Garden hoses are generally stocked throughout entire aisles in a majority of hardware and home improvement stores, so the choices of fittings, lengths and materials are endless. However, when choosing the best garden hoses, several factors have to be considered from their length and thickness to what mater will be suitable to whether a reinforced or a specialty hose will be required. Keeping all these in mind, here are the top 5 best garden hoses that are worth considering.

best garden hoses

1. Legacy Manufacturing Flexzilla ZillaGreen Garden Hose

The Flexzilla ZillaGreen Garden Hose from Legacy Manufacturing is a groundbreaking hose that is made up of Premium Hybrid Polymer material, which makes it remarkably flexible. As a result of the material used, this hose has gained zero memory, which means it will not coil during use or prove to be a hurdle when being used, while it will also stay flat wherever it has been dropped. This garden hose is also impressively weather resistant, and it will retain its flexibility between temperatures of 40 degrees F and 150 degrees F. Abrasions will have no effect on this garden hose. It is even equipped with bend restrictors and is quite lightweight so it can be coiled easily when necessary. It can also withstand a working pressure of 150 PSI.

Legacy Manufacturing Flexzilla ZillaGreen Garden Hose

2. Water Right Polyurethane Garden Hose

This coiling Polyurethane Garden Hose from Water Right is very lightweight and will never get tangled, especially when being used. Depending how and where you move, this garden hose will stretch accordingly, and when it needs to be stored, it can be coiled up quite easily. Top quality, lead-free polyurethane that has been approved by the FDA was used to manufacture this garden hose in the United States. The machined brass fittings that this garden hose is equipped with are commercial grade and solid, while featuring a nickel and then a chrome coating. The dual coatings are responsible for its impressive durability and it will last for a very long time without getting tarnished. Both ends of this garden hose also feature stain reliefs.

Water Right Polyurethane Garden Hose

3. NeverKink Extra Heavy Duty Garden Hose

This Extra Heavy Duty Garden Hose from NeverKink comes with the guarantee that it will never get kinked or tangled. You will be to maneuver this garden hose quite easily because of the patented Reflex Mesh technology that has been incorporated into it. Lead-free aluminum has been used to construct the couplings and they will neither get crushed nor leak, while they will also not get kinked at the faucet thanks to the rigid sleeve. Anti-microbial, MicroShield protection is also present within this garden hose, so it will never be affected by mildew and mold. The flexibility of this garden hose goes as far as 45 degrees. The diameter of this hose is 5/8th inches and you can choose from three different lengths, namely 50 feet, 75 feet and 100 feet.

NeverKink Extra Heavy Duty Garden Hose

4. Tuff-Guard The Perfect Garden Hose

The Perfect Garden Hose from Tuff-Guard is made up of unique polypropylene double helix, which boosts its flexibility to a great extent. It is also the reason that its weight is 35% to 50% lesser than typical garden hoses. This is a weather resistant garden hose, so even when temperatures are between -20F and 158F, it will not lose its flexibility. As a result of its unique extruded 3-layer design and woven fiber core, this garden hose can even resist abrasions, chemicals and will not get crushed because it is exceptionally durable. This garden hose will also offer “full flow” since it is equipped with heavy duty brass fittings, which happen to be wrench-friendly. This also happens to be a kink free hose.

Tuff-Guard The Perfect Garden Hose

5. InSassy Expandable Garden Water Hose

This Expandable Garden Water Hose from InSassy is 75 feet long and kink-proof, capable of serving multiple purposes. This is a heavy-duty garden hose that can be used to wash down or water just about anything. It is considerably flexible and can be conveniently maneuvered because of its rubber tube, and to make it stronger, double-ply spiral polyester fiber was used to construct its inner braided core. The exterior of this garden hose has polypropylene double helix coiled around it, which makes it ensures that it remains kink-free and stable, while maintaining full water pressure despite compression. It also makes this hose capable of resisting abrasions. Along with being durable and strong, this garden hose is also relatively lightweight and can be easily coiled up for storage.

InSassy Expandable Garden Water Hose