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Top 10 Best Windshield Wipers in 2016 Reviews

Windshield wipers are very important vehicle-safety accessories which help to ensure clear visibility when driving in rainy, snowy or even dusty conditions. They wipe off water, snow, ice or dust from the windshield, hence ensuring optimal visibility as you drive. If you want to purchase the best windshield wiper blades, you need to look for high performance products that are designed to clear your windshield effectively and with ease. They must be durable units that allow for noiseless operation without streaking, smearing or squeaking. Moreover, the wipers should also be easy to install. And what are the best windshield wipers? Below are top 10 best windshield wipers to purchase in 2016.

best windshield wipers

1. The Bosch 19CA Clear-Advantage Beam Wiper Blades

These are the best windshield wipers based on 2016 reviews. They are high-performance wipers that are designed to resist harsh elements and can perform well under different weather conditions. The steel spring on the blade is precision-tensioned, which helps to ensure that the wipers provide consistence performance. They apply uniform pressure across your windshield, while creating a stronger force that prevents the blades from lifting off, even when operating at high speed under heavy wind. Moreover, the wiping edge of these wipers is made of natural rubber and it is also graphite-treated for optimal, noise-free performance.

I. They are easy to stall
II. Allow for quite operation
III. Can be used in different weather conditions and do not rust
IV. Their curved design ensures they hug the windshield for effective performance

Cons: With time, theses wipers may begin to streak and reduce their efficiency to 70%. You may therefore need to replace them often to continue enjoying optimum performance.

Bosch 19CA Clear-Advantage Beam Wiper Blades

2. ANCO 31 Series 31-26 Wiper Blades

Equipped with a vented bridge, the patented DuraKlear rubber compound, and a metallic flexor, these wiper blades are designed to provide a consistent and clear wipe. The rubber helps to provide a sharp wiping edge. Moreover, the blades are coated in the natural, no-wax formula, which protects them from road grime, ultraviolet rays and air pollution. The blades are also quite easy to install and remove, as they use the KwikConnect System. This is a unique installation system, which ensures easy and effective connection when installing the blades. It normally produces an audible click sound, which enables you to know whether they are correctly installed. They are universal blades that come with adapters that enable them to fit on different vehicles. These windshield wipers should be replaced at least once after every six months so as to ensure optimal performance. They should also be cleaned regularly so as to avoid smearing, streaking and hazing.

I. The blades are easy to install and remove
II. They are budget friendly
III. They can fit on different types of vehicles with ease
IV. They are made of strong metallic materials, which ensures optimal performance
V. The wipers can effectively work under different weather conditions

I. They may need to be replaced more often if used in extreme weather conditions
II. They need to be cleaned more often for you to achieve the best results.

ANCO 31 Series 31-26 Wiper Blades

3. The RainX 5079281-1 Latitude Wiper Blades

This is another set of topnotch windshield wipers that features a contoured beam for optimum windshield contact and visibility. They are made of graphite hence will smoothly wipe the vehicle’s windshield without any chatter. Moreover, unlike most traditional wiper blades, these ones have no frame, hence you will not experience any snow or ice buildup. The incorporated aerodynamic spoiler helps to minimize noise and wind lift. The blades can be installed to almost any vehicle and normally come in different sizes, hence you can choose the one that suits the size of your windshield best. They are designed to contour to the curvature of the windscreen, providing even wiping pressure.

I. The blades can withstand extreme weather conditions
II. The allow for quiet operation
III. They are easy to install
IV. The wipers can fit on different vehicles
V. Their durable rubber-encased structure allows for enhanced flexibility and maximum grip
VI. The fact that they do not have exposed metal components helps in preventing the buildup of snow and ice.

I. They may not have a long lifespan under extreme weather conditions.
II. They may squeak and streak when the rubber gets depleted.

RainX 5079281-1 Latitude Wiper Blades

4. Michelin-8524 Stealth-Ultra Wiper Blades

These are unique wipers featuring a hybrid style with a combination of flexibility and a contoured shape. The hard plastic cover prevents debris from getting into the blade, while the SmartFlex suspension minimizes windshield contact and ensures a smooth wipe under all weather conditions. The blades are 16 inches long and are equipped with the natural rubber squeegee, the powder-coated metal frame, as well as rivets. They are aerodynamic wiper blades with corrosion-proof components. Moreover, they normally come with connectors for easier fitting onto different vehicles.

I. The blades do not leave streaks on your windshield
II. The guards on the blades prevent the formation of ice or snow on the wipers
III. They can fit different vehicles quite well
IV. The wipers are ideal for different weather conditions

Cons: They are less effective in snowy conditions.

Michelin-8524 Stealth-Ultra Wiper Blades

5. RainX 5079275 Latitude Graphite-Coated Wiper Blade

This is a high-performance wiper that is designed to give your windshield smooth wiping pressure as it contours to its distinct curvature. It features a synthetic rubber squeegee, which will not crack even under extreme temperatures. Because it does not have any exposed metallic components, you will not experience any snow or ice buildup when using it. The wiper blade normally comes pre-equipped with a small j-hook adapter and a multi-adapter for easier installation. Moreover, the built-in aerodynamic spoiler minimizes drag, noise as well as wind lift, which helps to ensure that you drive without distractions.

I. The wiper blade is easy to install
II. It allows for quiet operation
III. The ice-resistant frame helps to prevent snow and ice buildup

Cons: The blade functions well in rainy conditions but has poor snow performance

RainX 5079275 Latitude Graphite-Coated Wiper Blade

6. Bosch-4816 Evolution Bracket-less Wiper Blades

These bracket-less wiper blades are specially designed with no plastic or metallic bracket joints or hinges like the traditional wiper blades. They do not therefore give room for snow or ice buildup. In addition, the wiper blades have two precision-tensioned steel springs, which ensures even distribution of pressure along the entire blade. This helps to ensure clear visibility regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. The symmetrical wiper blade uses the wind spoiler mechanism, which ensures that it comes into proper contact with the windshield for effective performance. Moreover, these blades use the DirectConnect installation system, which ensures easier installation in different vehicles, without any need for adapters.

I. These wipers allow for smooth and quiet operation
II. They guarantee you clear visibility under different weather conditions
III. They are designed to ensure superior performance
IV. The blades are quite easy to install

I. The blades get worn out faster hence require frequent replacement for you to enjoy optimum results
II. The wiper blades are mildly curved and may not fit the curviest windshield

Bosch-4816 Evolution Bracket-less Wiper Blades

7. The Valeo 900225-B Frameless ULTIMATE 22-Inch All-Season Wiper Blades

If you want to have perfect visibility under different driving conditions, these are the blades to purchase. They feature a flat design and operate without any chatter or vibration. Moreover, the wiper blades have 1500 pressure points, which ensures quiet wiping. The blades are easy to install and can fit almost any vehicle. Their super structure is made of the Tec3 advanced rubber technology, hence you can use them in winter without having to worry about collecting snow or ice. The integrated aerodynamic spoiler helps to ensure high-speed performance. The wipers are available in a range of blades starting from 18 inches to 28 inches and can fit on a variety of domestic as well as imported vehicles.

I. The advanced Tec3 rubber technology ensures smooth and quiet wiping performance.
II. There is virtually no metal superstructure to collect ice or snow, which makes these wipers ideal for all-season use.
III. The blades are easy to install

Cons: The wipers may streak and become squeaky after a few months of operation hence may need frequent replacement after a relatively shorter time.

Valeo 900225-B Frameless ULTIMATE 22-Inch All-Season Wiper Blades

8. The ACDelco 8-4420 Advantage All-Season Metallic Wiper Blades

These are traditional-style windshield wipers that are made of steel for durability and optimal sturdiness to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The wipers are equipped with the universal adapter, hence can be installed on almost any vehicle with ease, without any need for additional adapters. Moreover, the wiper elements are precisely fitted to ensure smooth and quiet operation. If you own a high-wrap vehicle, their dog-leg blade design will ensure easier contouring to the windshield. They are budget-friendly wipers featuring the latest windshield-wiper technology that ensures optimal performance. They are chip-, bend- and rust-resistant wipers with an aerodynamic design that helps to prevent wind lift.

I. They are strong and durable wipers that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.
II. They feature the easy-fit universal adapter, which allows for easier installation on more than 90 percent of the vehicles on the road, without any need for additional adapters.
III. They are budget friendly wipers.
IV. The aerodynamic design helps to ensure optimal performance.

I. The wipers may wear or breakdown when exposed to extreme weather conditions. This may in turn cause streaking.

ACDelco 8-4420 Advantage All-Season Metallic Wiper Blades

9. The Valeo 60015-Series Wiper Blades

If you want to install great quality windshield wipers that will not start streaking, smearing or chattering after a short time, these are the wipers to purchase. Their pin-type premium construction makes durable and ensures maximum contact with your windshield for improved wipe quality. They are made of galvanized steel and feature the advanced Tec3 technology, which helps to prevent deformity and corrosion. The rubber wiping edge with a protective coating helps in ensuring quiet and smooth wiping. Their premium quality construction features the all-metal vented superstructure, which ensures premium wipe quality at different speeds. In a nut shell, the wipers are specially designed to improve the driver’s safety and boost their confidence by ensuring optimum visibility under different weather conditions.

I. They are designed to ensure smooth and quiet operation
II. They are durable wipers that do not wear out easily
III. They are easy to install and can fit in different vehicles with ease
IV. The wipers do not easily streak, smear or chatter

Cons: The wipers may be a little small for some vehicle models such as Honda, which makes them less effective.

Valeo 60015-Series Wiper Blades

10. Motorcraft WW-2201-P Premium Wiper Blades

These are premium quality windscreen wipers that are designed with the user’s needs in mind. They feature wear indicators and the DuoTec+ Technology, which helps in determining the level of wear and tear by changing their original black color to yellow whenever the blade’s performance diminishes. The wiper blades are made of synthetic rubber, hence will wipe the windshield without making too much noise. Their metal frame with the advanced rubber formulation helps to ensure optimal durability and corrosion resistance. The blades are specially designed to ensure efficient performance under different weather conditions. Moreover, the blade’s aerodynamic construction helps to ensure optimal performance even when the vehicle is moving at a higher speed.

I. It is easy to know when the blades are worn out, thanks to the wear indicators and the advanced DuoTec+ Technology.
II. They are designed to operate quietly.
III. The blades can perform effectively even under extreme weather conditions.
IV. They are corrosion resistance.
V. The wipers are also quite durable, thanks to the strong metallic frame.
VI. They will fit your vehicle perfectly

Cons: Most clients have shown satisfaction with this product and there are no documented cons about the performance of these wipers.

Motorcraft WW-2201-P Premium Wiper Blades

Conclusion: There are so many windshield wipers on the market today. For this reason, finding the most ideal wipers for your vehicle may prove to be challenging. However, some of the qualities to look for in wiper blades include streak-free, squeak-free and noiseless performance. They should be designed using the best quality, durable, rust and corrosion resistant materials that allow for optimum performance under different weather conditions. They should also allow for easier installation. If you need such wipers, the above windshield wiper reviews should enable you to purchase the best.