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Top 10 Celebrity Personal Trainers

It is true that keeping our body in shape is one of the toughest things in life. But for celebrities this is a must part of their lives. None of the Hollywood and Bollywood celebrity can make his/her position and enjoy success until they own much talent, pay attention to their work, and look stylish and up-to-date.

To stay updated, a celebrity has to reduce weight and look slim. They cannot entertain the fans until their personalities are attractive. Here are the top 10 celebrity personal trainers you should be paying attention to.

10. Denise Austin

Celebrity Personal Trainers

Denise Austin is a boisterous veteran of aerobics, yoga, and bundles of other exercises. She has written several books on how celebrities can stay in shape. She has also contributed in NBC’s “Today”, giving her fitness tips to the world. Denise has also hosted several television shows.

9. Harley Pasternak

Celebrity Personal Trainers

Harley Pasternak belongs to Canada. He has been one of the most fantastic fitness experts in the world. According to Harley, “workouts ought to be brief and simple”. He also believes that people should spend time in doing different exercises, which are meant to keep them healthy and active the whole day. He has donated his services to teach celebrities and other persons how to walk and do exercises for healthy lifestyle.

8. Mary Helen Bowers

Celebrity Personal Trainers

There are only a few trainers who get this much fame as Mary Helen Bowers has gotten. Mary is from New York, and depends upon her extensive dance experience to craft workouts. Most of her exercises emphasize graceful body and mental health. She has even guided to Natalie Portman about how to live slim and active.

7. Cassey Ho

Celebrity Personal Trainers

Cassey Ho has worked really hard to raise her graph of success as a celebrity fitness trainer. She started her career at an early age, and eventually launched the Blogilates YouTube channel. Many of her shows are broadcasted on television, revealing how experienced she is in fitness tips and exercises.

6. Amen Iseghohi

Celebrity Personal Trainers

Amen Iseghohi was working as a businessman. But he switched the career into another one at the time hen the sight of an overweight boy suddenly inspired him. Amen has developed various exercise programs including the everyday exercises such as incorporating the old tires. He grew up in his grandmother’s farm in Africa. Today he is running his own Amenzone Fitness studios across Arizona and California.

5. Barry Jay

Celebrity Personal Trainers

Barry Jay’s life took a new turn of success at the time when he got a chance to work for West Hollywood gym. He is famous for his hard-partying lifestyle. He is one of the finest fitness instructors of the era. He undertakes various fitnes classes and guides several Hollywood celebrities to stay slim. He has so far introduced a number of unique fitness programs.

4. Scott Herman

Celebrity Personal Trainers

Scott Herman loves helping the people and famous figures stay active and build muscles. Since his teenage, he has developed various skills, which led him become a successful fitness trainer. He started his career at a Massachusetts Gold’s Gym at age 14. Scott is a great model, and television actor who is also a member of MTV’s “The Real World” show.

3. Tony Horton

Celebrity Personal Trainers

Tony Horton is one of America’s most versatile fitness experts. He started working at the age of 17. Tony has been the creator of several successful fitness programs, which he had designed for armed forces and celebrities. He focuses much on his fitness and likes to guide others regarding his fitness secrets. He has been the trainer of various celebrities.

2. Sarah Dussault

Celebrity Personal Trainers

Sarah is an award-winning celebrity fitness trainer. She has created her own website that reflects many of useful articles about healthy living, healthy diets, and fitness. Sarah is a distance runner from Boston. She has developed various workouts for young girls and boys. Also much of her fitness programs are famous among players.

1. Shaun Thompson

Celebrity Personal Trainers

Better known as Shaun T, Shaun Thompson is a standout athlete, choreographer, and onetime Mariah Carey backup dancer. He has gotten much fame for his series of fitness rograms. Most of them are great “Hip Hop Abs” and “Insanity” series. Shaun has assisted various celebrities in their fitness and exercises.