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Top 10 Threatening Animals in the World

It is not true that only the giant and big animals are dangerous, sometimes even the tiny mosquitoes and bees can harm us seriously. An animal is said to be dangerous when it becomes a threat for the other creatures. The scientific and technological studies have greatly helped us know, categorize and discover the animal and plant species. When we brainstorm to enlist the dangerous animals, then there are many, but the top 10 threatening animals in the world, according to me, are only the followings.

Threatening Animals in the World

10. Puff Adder

Puff Adder is scientifically called Bitis arietans. This African snake has taken hundreds of lives and lives in the bushes and forests. The average length of Puff Adder is from a few meters to five meters. Puff Adder owns venom which is inserted into the hunt’s body with a single bite and this venom is quite dangerous to kill the victim at the spot.

Puff Adder

9. Deathstalker

Deathstalker is a deadly scorpion of Northern Africa. Some of its forms, however, are also found in Middle East countries. Deadthstalker scorpion attacks the children and young people as it finds them to be the easy hunts. It inserts its venom into their body with a deep bite, thus the victim gets paralyzed or even losses the life in no time. The habitat of Deathstalker is wet areas.


8. Cone Snail

Don’t go with the beautiful and charming shells of the Cone Snail because this deadly animal can drastically harm you. Sometimes the people remain unaware if they are handling the Cone Snails but picking it up can be risky. Cone Snail posses a dangerous poison in its harpoon which it sticks into the person’s body. The poison, named as Conotoxin will make you paralyzed and even can lead to the death, so better you think thrice before handling a Cone Snail.

Cone Snail

7. Black Mamba

Black Mamba is a seriously fearful creature in the world. This African animal possesses aggressive nature thus you are better to stay miles away even when you have the chance of view it in a zoo. Numerous myths and legends have had been accompanied with the origin and aggressiveness of Black Mamba. It attacks its hunts without provocations.

Black Mamba

6. Polar Bear

The white Polar Bear is found in cold and icy areas. Despite the fact that it looks beautiful and weighs heavy, it is a dangerous animal as well. Polar Bear attacks the human beings all of a sudden. So the scientists and zoologists prefer staying fewer kilometers away from this creature for conducting their researches. The average weight of this predator is something from 300 to 500 kg or even more.

Polar Bear

5. Hippopotamus

This ugly looking animal has its history portrayed in pop cultures. It weighs about 8000 pounds and lives in water. Hippopotamus is found in Africa and America. Sometimes to fulfill its food requirements, it comes out of the water and hunts the preys. The preys of this animal are other animals and humans as well. The better idea for a tourist, while viewing this creature, is to stay a few kilometers away as getting closer to it can lead you face problems.


4. Pitohui

Pitohui is one of the most dangerous animals on this planet earth. We can never even imagine if such a lovely bird can be dangerous, but it is absolutely true. Pitohui is a rarely found bird, but possesses highly poisonous venom which it inserts into the bodies of its hunts. Its teeth are quite sharp and if you are excited to view it then it can be found in African forests and zoos.


3. African Honeybees

Honeybees are God gifted creatures to provide us with mouth-watering and nutritious honey. But these African Honeybees are more dangerous than their advantageous values. These are highly aggressive creatures and attack the humans who try to chase or touch their nests. The experts, thus, adopt serious precautions before they can take the honey out of their nests and swarms.

African Honeybees

2. Puffer Fish

Usually we take the fish to be delicate and friendly creatures, but not all the fish species are same. This Puffer Fish is a highly poisonous vertebrate found in seas and oceans. The water-divers take measures and wear the special suits to get protected from its poison. It is enough dangerous to paralyze your diaphragm and can even stop the breaths of its hunt.

Puffer Fish

1. Yellow Bellied Sea Snake

The Yellow Bellied Sea Snake has topped the top 10 threatening animals in the world list. It is a creature of deep seas and oceans. Its venom is as dangerous as is of a Cobra. The scientists believe that the poison it can insert into your bodies with a bite will drastically affect your digestive system. YellowBelliedSea Snake has so far killed various humans, but it won’t attack you until you get closer and closer. Fortunately the healthcare professionals have now developed vaccines and anti-venom medicines to treat the patients but it doesn’t mean you are now free to touch or get nearer to it. Precaution is better than the treatment.

Yellow Bellied Sea Snake

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