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Fastest Helicopters in the World in 2015

People who love helicopters usually search for information about them. Some of the helicopters are used as attack helicopters, others are used for commercial works, while there are some which are made only for political or famous personalities. These machines always surprise the human beings in one way or the other. Here is an article of top 10 fastest helicopters in the world in 2015.

Fastest Helicopters in the World

10. Z-10 Helicopter

The Z-10 is first ever dedicated combat helicopter from China. It is an attack helicopter that has come with advanced technology, and features like anti-tank HJ-9 guided missiles, 30 mm capacity cannon, latest anti-tank HJ-10 missiles & air-to-air TY-90 missiles.

Z-10 Helicopter

9. A129 Mangusta

The A129 Mangusta is a dedicated combat helicopter produced from Western Europe. It is mainly a production of Italy. This is lightweight and wonderful helicopter. This features capacity of hitting from 30 mm rounds, Hellfire anti-tank missiles as well as Mistral or Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

A129 Mangusta

8. Mi-24 Hind

The Mi-24 Hind is another famous helicopter of the era. This is widely used in military operations and conflicts. It is equipped with stepped heavily-armored cockpits & under-nose gun-turret. Its first few versions came with twin-barrel 23mm cannon but the latest ones were presented with cannon in 30mm capacity.

Mi-24 Hind

7. Chinook CH-47

The Chinook CH-47 cannot be regarded as an attack helicopter because it is often used as a passenger helicopter. This is one of the longest-service helicopters today, and was first introduced in 1962. This tandem-rotor, twin engine backed heavy-lift helicopter can travel at a pace of 314 kmh. presently it is used by the Japan, US & Netherlands military units.

Chinook CH-47

6. AH-64E Boeing Apache Guardian

The AH-64E Boeing Apache Guardian is the upgraded sequel to AH-64A that was introduced for American army, replacing AH-1 Cobra. This Apache helicopter has been presented with mast-mounted antenna, and features like battle management mechanism, targeting, weapons, cockpit communications & navigation systems.

AH-64E Boeing Apache Guardian

5. AH-IZ Viper

The AH-IZ Viper is one more fast-running helicopter, mainly used by American Marine Corps. It is a dedicated combat helicopter AH-1 Cobra. This comes with upgraded avionics, transmission & latest target-shifting capacity. It has 3 barrel cannon of 20mm capacity.

AH-IZ Viper

4. Ka-52 Hokum-B

The Ka-52 Hokum-B is an improved version of Ka-52 Hokum. This fast helicopter has always been a choice of Russian army. It is one of the most maneuverable combat helicopters ever. This has come with twelve anti-tank Vikhr missiles and 30 mm capacity cannon. It also features battlefield management capacity, target detection and data exchange facility.

Ka-52 Hokum-B

3. Eurocopter Tiger

The Eurocopter Tiger is one of the best military helicopters. This was developed by Germany & France. It is medium-weight, armed with updated stealth technology has escort & attack versions. This also has features like 30 mm capacity cannon, unguided missiles & air-to-air Mistral missiles.

Eurocopter Tiger

2. Mi-28 Havoc

The Mi-28 Havoc is an edgy craft, designed with couple of heavily-armored cockpits. It is a combat helicopter that has come with emergency-escape mechanism. Apart from that, this is equipped with 8 anti-armor Ataka missiles, 30 mm capacity cannon & unguided rocket-pods.

Mi-28 Havoc

1. Black Hawk UH-60

The Black-Hawk UH-60 is a twin-engine, medium-lift, 4 bladed utility craft. It has been widely used by American army due to its specifications like iconic look, great speed, and spacious and comfortable seats. It constitutes the highlights of the famous book & film “Black Hawk Down”.

Black Hawk UH-60

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