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Top 10 Amazing Places to Go After a Divorce

A divorce rocks your world when you were not happy with marriage. It is time to spend some moments full of freedom. After divorce, one’s mind goes 100 mph, wondering what’s next. The first decision you can make is to exhale and get amazed with a trip. Let’s check these top 10 amazing places to go after a divorce to make your feel more better.

Amazing Places to Go After a Divorce

10. Motu Teta, Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Maybe you’ve never heard of Motu Teta, but once you go there, you would be more than happy. This private island is situated in Rangiroa, French Polynesia is in the middle of the ocean, and offers a lot of attractions and chances to get relaxed. Here you would be given with a private excursion guide who can steer you toward adventure. Enjoy midnight lobster hunting, spear fishing, kiting, water-skiing or windsurfing.

Motu Teta, Rangiroa, French Polynesia

9. The Himalayas

The Himalayas are always chosen for being relaxing and attractive. Ananda in the Himalayas is set at the foothills of the Himalayas. It is full of peace and harmony, making it impossible for anyone to ignore. Restore yourself with ancient Hindu practices. Explore crystals, reiki, chakras, and enjoy yoga as well as spa here.

The Himalayas

8. Sonoma County, California

If you are interested to drink, don’t forget to go for wine from over 400 wineries and 16 designated wine regions with cuisine that features locally-grown and artisan products. This all is possible to find at Sonoma County, present 30 miles north of San Francisco. This is a not to miss place.

Sonoma County, California

7. Paradise Coast, Florida

Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades are known for offering sunshine and unforgettable beaches. At Paradise Coast, Florida, you are going to have lots of fun with cultural scenes, great foods, and remarkable shopping. Everglades National Park offers air boating or kayaking into the 259 acres of private grasslands. Marco Island is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and mangrove estuaries.

Paradise Coast, Florida

6. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe’s restorative powers are legendary. People flock here to get freedom of mind. If you want an unmatched spa experience, this New Mexico place is right for you. For yoga lovers, it has Yogihiker and places like Upaya Zen Center run by Roshi Joan Halifax are matchless.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

5. Porta Blancu, Nieuwpoort, Curacao

The Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort in the Caribbean isle of Curacao will make your moments very special. The resort’s Atbei Spa offers refreshing treatments that include ancient culture and rituals as well as human friendly herbs. You can enjoy great time at this Curacao place.

Porta Blancu, Nieuwpoort, Curacao

4. Playa de Carmen, Mexico

The Grand Velas Riviera Maya always has something for you to enjoy. It offers Divorce Package which will get you on your way to getting rid of the angst, giving a chance to enjoy newly found life after divorce. This is full of spirit spot of Mexico.

Playa de Carmen, Mexico

3. Tuscany, Italy

At Tuscany, Italy, you can enjoy picturesque of natural. This is home to beautiful wine spots as well as attractive girls. Do not forget to visit is Terme di Saturnia Spa, where stuff is very amazing to give a try to. You can also enjoy time at ample Etruscan history that warrants your perusal.

Tuscany, Italy

2. Paradise Beach, Nevis

Escape to the Paradise Beach of Nevis and have lots of fun. The pampering begins here right at the time you enter the beach and are ready to enjoy swimming. You can also visit thatched roof villa across the Caribbean towards St. Kitts and Mount Nevis.

Paradise Beach, Nevis

1. Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is a celebrity favorite spot of Mexico, offering more than enough to tourists. For example, the Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Grand Spa is what you should give a try to. Here you can enjoy time at a restaurant, enjoying traditional Mexican cuisine, to spend night at a club.

Los Cabos, Mexico

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