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Top 10 Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

Ranveer Singh is a wonderful and great Bollywood actor. He is best known for his superb performance in the movies and of course the hot personality. Below we have shared an interesting list of top 10 best Ranveer Singh quotes.

Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

10. Quote about Cheating

I am not a cheat or a liar. I am very simple. I find excitement in my work and do it honestly. I don’t like negativity, manipulation and politics. So, I stay very far from them.

Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

9. Quote about Mistakes of Life

Whenever I have done bad to anyone or betrayed anyone, the only person who suffers is me. It eats me from inside, so I have realized you should not wrong anybody. I choose to live an honest and clean life.

Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

8. Quote about Love

I’m blessed that I get an opportunity to do what I love for a living. I feel that you should approach life positively.

Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

7. Quote about Rejection

I faced rejection on the basis of the way I looked. Not because of my ability. I was told that I was not very good looking or had the conventional hero looks. May be I was not very fair or tall enough. But I thought I was fairly good looking.

Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

6. Quote about Feelings

I do feel low sometimes. But you have to get out of it. That feeling may stay with you for three hours, three days or maybe even three years. But it all gets fine with time.

Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

5. Quote about Anushka Sharma

I’m not good enough to be Anushka Sharma’s boyfriend. She’s so beautiful, I’m not so beautiful; she’s so talented, I’m not so talented; she’s so intelligent, I’m not so intelligent; she deserve someone better them me and that’s why I would not put her through me. I’m not good for Anushka, period.

Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

4. Quote about Acting

I always wanted to be an actor ever since I was a little kid. I knew that I had to do something related to performing arts and I enjoyed acting the most as it incorporated so many different art forms. I must say, I was a very filmy kid. I used to watch a lot of TV and get very influenced by Bollywood.

Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

3. Quote about Mother

My mother has made a small prayer area in our home, and my older sister Ritika ties me a rakhi in that part of the home every year. She’s always particular about tying a rakhi that doesn’t bleed colour and looks good on my wrist, as I wear it till it comes off on its own.

Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

2. Quote about Love

I don’t understand love – i don’t think love can be defined in simple terms – it’s a very broad concept.

Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

1. Quote about Romantic Movies

Romantic movies are my least favourite genre. I love movies that are twisted. It may seem a little hypocritical because I am a romantic hero.

Best Ranveer Singh Quotes

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