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Top 10 Best Stun Guns in 2016 Reviews

If you want to purchase a stun gun for self-defense, it is advisable to choose an excellent unit that will subdue your target in the shortest time possible. The device should be easy and safe to use, energy saving, and compact for easier portability. Besides giving you optimum protection, it must also comply with the existing pain and safety compliance laws. This helps in avoiding cases of incapacitating or harming the subject permanently. The following are the top ten best stun guns as per 2016 reviews:


Best Stun Guns 2016 - Powerful Self Defense.
Best Stun Guns 2016 – Powerful Self Defense.

1. Vipertek VTS 880 25000000V Mini Stun Gun – A Best Stun Gun 2016

This is the best stun gun according to 2016 reviews. It is a rechargeable unit with a nylon holster for easier handling. It is features a LED flashlight and it is designed to make you feel comfortable when using it. It is a best stun gun flashlight on the market as well. The tool is available in an attractive black color and has the capacity to give approximately 25, 000,000 volts; hence you are able to defend yourself from any attacker.


I. It is a compact unit that can be transported and stored with ease.

II. It is powerful and can deter criminals from having their way.

III. It is quite budget-friendly.

IV. It is easy to use.

V. The stun gun charges easily and quickly.

Cons: You might easily shock yourself if you do not handle it with care.

Vipertek VTS 880 25000000V Mini Stun Gun

2. The Police 53000000 Heavy-Duty Stun Gun

This heavy-duty unit is ideal for individuals who want to defend themselves from different kinds of attackers. It normally sets off a loud alarm, which alerts people in case of an emergency. The stun gun possesses finger indention at the bottom for effective handling. Moreover, its light-weight construction of less than one pound ensures easier portability.


I. It is a powerful defense tool whose effects are felt several hours after use.

II. It is easy to charge and holds the charge for long.

III. It has a loud siren which can scare off criminals before they even think about doing anything.

IV. It is compact and easily portable.

Cons: This stun gun requires close contact to work effectively. A stronger enemy can easily disarm you.

Police 53000000 Heavy-Duty Stun Gun

3. Vipertex VTS-979 51000000V Stun Gun

This unique stun gun is designed to offer numerous advantages to its users. For instance, it features the LED flashlight and safety disable pin. Moreover, the rechargeable battery ensures that the unit remains functional throughout. The product’s lifetime warranty guarantees you long-term service. It is a compact unit measuring 6.5 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch.


I. The product is compact and easy to handle.

II. The non-slip rubber coating ensures that it does not easily slip out of your hand.

III. It is quite strong and can neutralize a strong man within seconds.

Cons: If it is discharged in the air for over one second the unit can easily be damaged. This means that you must always aim at the target.

Vipertex VTS-979 51000000V Stun Gun

4. The Terminator 15000000V Stun Gun, with a LED Flashlight

This is an extremely powerful stun gun available on the market today. The tool is equipped with long lasting rechargeable battery and boasts of a compact size for easier portability and storage. It also features a non-slip rubber coating for easier handling. Its lifetime warranty is the best assurance of its quality. Moreover, the gun has a blinding LED flashlight to confuse the aggressor. It has a heavy-duty nylon holster with a belt strap, which ensures easier attachment to the belt.

Terminator 15000000V Stun Gun, with a LED Flashlight

5. Vipertek VTS 881 – 28000000V Micro Stun Gun

This stun gun possesses many benefits to those who want to defend themselves. It produces up to 28,000,000 volts for optimal protection. The gun is easy to operate and it is normally supported by an internal rechargeable battery. The product measures approximately 3.75 inches by 1.5 inches by 0.75 inches, which makes it possible for you to keep it in your pocket as you move around. The non-slip rubber feature ensures easier handling.

Vipertek VTS 881 - 28000000V Micro Stun Gun

6. The 800,000 Volts Sabre Stun Gun

This is another reliable stun gun that you can easily purchase from the market. The 800,000 volts it produces is able to stop the wildest aggressor within seconds. In addition, the tool is equipped with great safety system so as to avoid accidental discharging. Its exceptional stopping power together with the inbuilt LED flashlight guarantees you optimal protection from attacks. The gun is also backed by a two-year warranty.

800,000 Volts Sabre Stun Gun

7. The SGM-25000BK Monster Stun Gun

This is another powerful self-defense weapon that can protect you at any time. The unit produces 25,000,000 Volts, which are enough to subdue the strongest man within a short time. The nylon-holster ensures easier portability while the LED-light gives you good lighting in scarcely lit environments. The gun has built-in rechargeable battery that guarantees you long-term service.

SGM-25000BK Monster Stun Gun

8. The Monster SGM-18000-BKP Rechargeable Stun Gun, with a LED Flashlight

If you need a convenient and powerful tool that can subdue an aggressor within second, this monster stun gun will be ideal for you. It comes with a LED-flashlight that can illuminate less-lit areas. The On/Off safety button helps to prevents accidental discharge. Its strong power and powerful sound can fend-off attackers with just a push of the button. Moreover, a convenient nylon-holster with a belt-loop is included for easier handling.

Monster SGM-18000-BKP Rechargeable Stun Gun, with a LED Flashlight

9. The Aegis 20,000,000 High-Power Mini Stun Gun

This is another high-performance self-defense tool that combines the stun and flashlight functions. The product weighs just 4.1-ounce; hence you can carry it anywhere with ease. It features a rubber-coated surface for easier handling. The unit is loaded with immense energy that can immobilize an aggressor within seconds. Its 106mm by 25mm by 42mm dimensions help to ensure easier portability and storage.

Aegis 20,000,000 High-Power Mini Stun Gun

10. Guard-Dog Stun Gun

This is a unique stun gun that combines a 4, 500, 000V stun gun with a 160-lumen tactical field light. The design includes a key-chain for easier carrying. It is the smallest stun gun on the market. Moreover it only weighs 2 ounces and has a thickness of 50-inches. Its body is completely rubberized for easier handling. The rechargeable battery guarantees you constant supply of power.

Guard-Dog Stun Gun

Stun guns are very essential as they are effective self-defense tools that can protect you from different forms of attacks. A good stun gun should be easy to carry and use, durable and should have a rechargeable battery for optimal powering. If you need a unit with these and more properties, the above stun gun reviews can guide you in choosing the best gun to purchase.


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