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Top 10 Coolest Tech Toys and Gadgets in 2016

Truly 2014 was a year of tech inventions and revolutions, but this New Year is not at all behind. During 2015, we have got the chance to enjoy with numerous exciting and lovely tech gadgets; still the year is continued so we can expect a lot more to come. The list of coolest tech toys and gadgets is always far away beyond completion as making the comparison of the best devices and naming a few of them to be better than the others is not a cup of tea. But still I have managed to pen my thoughts and observations for our readers. So here is the list of top 10 coolest tech toys and gadgets in 2016.

10. Kindle Fire HDX:


Amazon is credited for bringing this interesting and useful Kindle Fire HDX for tech lovers. This super stunning tablet is highly featured up and the outlook is well attractive. You can enjoy its company to listen your favorite music, play games, surf the internet or do some other works. The price of this HDX will be affordable and depending upon the version and style you choose.

9. Solar Robot Kit:


Its time for us to say a permanent good bye to the batteries as the solar energy has taken their place. We, nowadays, have some very amazing tech devices and toys which work well without batteries. This solar robot kit is a revolutionary robot for the kids, which is equipped with solar energy widgets, which means it capture and consume the solar energy and moves onto the land just like a normal kid.

8. PS Vita TV:


PS Vita TV is a Japanese creation. This television is styled well and featured highly, so can be a better replacement of any ordinary home-theater. Its color contrasting feature and wide screen, along with the light weight are some of the features which would make you a fan of this tech product.

7. Leap-Reader Pen:


This tech pen is quite useful for both teachers and children. With this digital and amazingly featured pen, the kids can learn to write strokes-by-strokes and other interesting things. It is also a helpful device to let them trace different pictures and images so it is a truly drawing-friendly pen to enhance the experience of your kids.

6. iPhone 5s:


iPhone series is one of the most famous, leading and well versed mobile series in the world. iPhone 5s, for me, is a handset of dreams. It is a superb tech creation featured up well to fulfill all your demands. Its dual-LED screen and light-weight are something to add a plus to its success graph.

5. Nano-Falcon Helicopter:


Nothing can be a better tech toy for your kids than this Nano-Falcon helicopter. This remote-controlled helicopter is sized tiny and weighs only 11 grams. You can rotate, move and execute it in a direction you love the most.

4. Pebble Smartwatch:


Wearing a tech-oriented smartwatch is always a dream of tech gadget lovers. Pebble Smartwatch has boomed the markets and it won’t be wrong to say that it one of the most desirable and lovely wearable techs. Pebble has launched this watch in a number of colors with distinctive and prominent styles.

3. LG Lifeband Touch:


The purpose of LG to create and develop this lifeband touch was to flood the market with some real-life effective wearables. It is a cool and highly featured handband which can help you measure your blood pressure, diabetes values and also can assist you record your hearts beat. I must say it is not less than a blessing for healthcare professionals and the patients.

2. Leap-Motion Controller:


This tiny yet effective USB has been made for the users who have a lot of to keep saved with them on a daily basis. In this leap-motion controller, the students can save their documents and it is equally useful for the businessmen. Its price is somewhat high but the features it has are simply unbeatable.

1. Sparkup Magical Book Reader:


The children who love reading colorful books should be given with this Sparkup Magical Book Reader. This is an actually a storybook with colorful and interesting facts, accompanied with a microphone by which your children can not only read the stories but also listen to them. I must say this book reader is enough to keep the kids occupied for hours and hours and make their learning process easier.

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