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Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in USA in 2015

It is always like a dream comes true to land a perfect job in America. Before you make the mind of finding the right placement, be aware of how profitable a career can be. Below are the top 10 highest paid jobs in USA in 2015, and the list has been as per the U.S. Department of Labor.

Highest Paid Jobs in USA

10. Information Security Expert

Hackers are always around. The role of information security expert is to keep an eye on malicious software, and possible hacking attacks. These individuals plan multiple security measures from an organization above and beyond the standard firewall. The salary per year is around USD50,500 or more, depending upon your skill.

Information Security Expert

9. Engineering Manager

Engineering managers averagely make USD80,000 or more in America on an annual basis. The requirement of the job is an MBA, and you should be able to work under the supervision of your engineer. Earning certifications like the PMP is a plus point.

Engineering Manager

8. Dentists and Orthodontists

Dentists and orthodontists earn an average USD200,000 a year in America and Europe. It is a high paying and well demanding job in USA. Dentists fill in cavities, make bruxism guards, perform root canals and repair chipped teeth.

Dentists and Orthodontists

7. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists earn an average USD38 an hour or even more in some parts of the world. The job is to provide the services to physically disable individuals. The physical therapy has strong long term prospects because an aging population is prone to heart disease, strokes and joint replacements, and need therapy on a daily basis to normalize one’s life.

Physical Therapist

6. Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible for managing the software databases. They are to upgrade databases, fix circular cell references, add users or archive database tables for increasing the speed of a computer. Their average hourly earnings are USD100 and even more, depending upon the project.

Database Administrator

5. Tax Manager

A tax manager has been a famous and must part of American community. These persons are responsible to prepare and file taxes for the employers. They also manage all tax reports, making sure that information about local, federal and state laws of an organization is updated. Currently in America, this job pays an average base salary of USD115,000 annually.

Tax Manager

4. IT Manager

An IT manager plays key role in effective strategic planning, oversight of IT performance, prepares budget, coordinate activities between IT department and other companies the world over. This job is very challenging, and a degree in computer sciences is needed. It pays around USD671,100 on a yearly basis in America.

IT Manager

3. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineer can make around USD60,000 a year out of school and have a media pay rate of USD80,000. There is a difference between the pay-scale for expert individuals as well as the inexperienced engineers. The job is granted to those who have a petroleum engineering degree.

Petroleum Engineer

2. Natural Sciences Manager

A natural sciences manager is able to manage chemists, biologists, aerospace engineers and others. The job is research based and averagely pays USD128,000 per year. A bachelor’s degree in a scientific or technical field is mandatory to land a natural science manage job in America.

Natural Sciences Manager

1. Software Developer

Software developers earn an average USD90,000 a year. These persons are not coders, but can write software code. Their duties are to design software interfaces and software installation packages, and integration of code modules etc. The job requires a degree in computer programming with basic experience.

Software Developer

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